Anton Chekhov "Uncle Vanya"

Anton Chekhov “Uncle Vanya”

Yana Ross What makes Vanya sharp and contemporary writing now? The economic shift and industrial progress in our society suggests opportunities are bigger and brighter than 100 years ago but our nature is the same, we sit and complain and fear to make a simple change. What stops us from challenging ourselves, challenging our fate? […]

Aleksandr Molchanov "The Killer"

Aleksandr Molchanov “The Killer”

  Yana Ross: Cutting-edge dark thriller, comming-of-age tale of passion and angst with Faith. New Raskolnikov of 21st Century. Ethics and moral grounds for mortal sins. To kill, to keep one‘s word, to survive? New generation looking for moral grounds and building stamina to survive. New drama keeps audience on the edge of their seats, […]

Tadeusz Slobodzianek "Our Class"

Tadeusz Slobodzianek “Our Class”

Although the play has been staged in Europe and North America, our production is addressed at the painful taboos of the present Lithuania. Performance is raising an urgent question of national collective memory and the aftermath of WWII. Ordinary daily heroism vs. betrayal and collaboration with Nazis during the war. Our Class is based on real events taking place between […]

Sarah Ruhl "Eurydice"

Sarah Ruhl "Eurydice"

Yana Ross I am inviting our audience on a rollercoaster ride every person experiences when encounters a deep meaningful relationship. Two people together — in a family bond or a passion of love will determine if the ride turns exhilarating or mortifying… Sarah Ruhl has a unique contemporary voice. She calls simple things to our […]

Gabrielė Labanauskaitė "Red Laces"

Gabrielė Labanauskaitė "Red Laces"

Yana Ross Red Laces is a new play addressing young generation of Lithuania. Two brothers chose different paths after a rough village childhood, one turns a skinhead and neo-nazi and the other computer geek hiding his gay identity. When egos and fears collide, blood is shed to clear the way. American History_X and Cain/Abbel in […]

Mika Myllyaho "Chaos"

Mika Myllyaho “Chaos”

Two months ago a fatal shooting took place in a movie theater in Latvia. During a film screening, a man was too loud eating popcorn and was shot dead in front of his fourteen-year-old daughter by a fellow moviegoer…  Our production of CHAOS is an investigation into a psyche of a contemporary human being who […]

Arthur Schnitzler "Der Reigen"

Arthur Schnitzler “Der Reigen”

Mad World Gary Jules (cover of Tears for Fears) All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow No tomorrow, no […]

Henrik Ibsen "Baumeister Solness"

Henrik Ibsen "Baumeister Solness"

Yana Ross For Ibsen’s audience, what we call a “mid-life crisis” came late in life. An accomplished man in his 60s could afford a grand spiritual turmoil, but in the XXI century it comes much earlier. In this production, Solness is barely forty. He’s got it all on the surface: family, career, beautiful house he […]

Elfriede Jelinek "Sleeping Beauty"

Elfriede Jelinek "Sleeping Beauty"

Published in Theater magazine 36.1 Elfriede Jelinek interviewed by Gitta Hoenegger I have to start from the beginning. How did they come about. Did the project start with the short essay you wrote in response to the death of Princess Diana? Not really. I simply wanted to write princess plays, maybe because there were Werner […]

William Shakespeare "Macbeth" Berlin

William Shakespeare “Macbeth” Berlin

buying cigarettes online argumentative research papers Yana Ross: Family. Business. Jealousy. Greed. When all you want is what the other has got, how far will you go? The boss of the family-operated laundry mat built up his business from scratch. Now he just takes the profit, trusting his cousins will do a good job managing […]