Oct 112011

Chaosas 01

Two months ago a fatal shooting took place in a movie theater in Latvia. During a film screening, a man was too loud eating popcorn and was shot dead in front of his fourteen-year-old daughter by a fellow moviegoer…  Our production of CHAOS is an investigation into a psyche of a contemporary human being who appears to have everything under control but in reality are only few steps away from a nervous breakdown and outburst of violence.

Sofia is a teacher whose school is being closed. Julia, a therapist, is having an affair with a patient. Emmi is a reporter in the middle of a custody battle… Over the course of one winter and spring, their lives are completely shaken up, making them feel like they’re losing control.

Reality doubles and triples through means of live camera in performance and pre-recoded images. We explore a chain of events leading characters to violence, imminent pressure is constantly looming over them as we comment on brutality of our daily quotidian struggle. We speak about shifting priorities in family values and career demands, the cost of the fragile balancing act.  The stage is filled with menu options for a modern consumer. A trillion options for a simple coffee multiplied on every wall and the words are small enough to make your vision blur. A giant class-room board is a place to write down your complaints and commentaries, draw a roadmap of a character and stress a lifelong learning process of becoming a human being.