Oct 152007

Liuce ciuozia 06

Yana Ross

Felix and Lucia are quite ordinary couple. They share happiness and boredom together, fight over toilet paper and spaghetti sauce. But when Lucia decides to leave Felix, he needs to confront his past and face his childhood traumas before he can fall in love with Lucia again. Beautiful, epic and non-linear contemporary family drama with two generations reliving each others mistakes.



Liucia Skates reviews October 2007

Relationship between three families – passionate battle

Y.Ross performance  gets actors to extraordinary precise acting, stage design and director’s thoughts get rid of any chance of sentimental reading of the play. Ross reveals the essential pieces of puzzle, a code of human loneliness, strive for answers and persistent search, relationship drama that grows to cosmic proportions.

The set is a changing room at the skating ring and each cabinet door opens a world into a different space and also an inner drama of each character, all broken up by stark documentary video work following actors on the real skating ring. The full scale backdrop of the set is a snippet of a local suburbs, sleeping hollows holding our most secrets behind colorful curtains.

Vaiva Grainytė, Lithuanian Daily, 2007 10 24

Director: Yana Ross

Scenography: Marta Vosyliūtė

Lighting: Vilius Vilutis

Video and Audio Design: Andrius Rugevičius

Audio Director: Virginijus Bagdzevičius

Art Director: Oskaras Koršunovas

Assistant Director: Malvina Matickienė

Property master: Edita Martinavičiūtė

Technicians: Mindaugas Repšys, Justas Vitartas

Tech. Director: Gediminas Ušackas

Literature: Alma Braškytė, Ervinas Koršunovas


FELIX – Algirdas Gradauskas, Marius Jampolskis
FELIX’S MOTHER – Aurelija Tamulytė
FELIX’S FATHER – Darius Gumauskas
LIUCIA, FELIX’S WIFE – Rasa Samuolytė
TANIA, DUDE’S WIFE – Judita Zareckaitė
DUDE, ICE SKATES LESSOR – Petras Lisauskas